A heart-warming journey with a pensioner determined to be reunited with his brother. A hazardous mission to Mars with a brave couple cut off from the rest of humanity. A madcap rescue attempt with a grandmother and singing triplets. And a dramatic bid to escape from a deadly conspiracy. Settle down for all this and more over the next few months with Monico Movies.

thestraight storyThe latest packed schedule at your local community cinema begins on 10th February with The Straight Story (cert. U). This charming film is a relaxing change of pace from David Lynch, a director better known for his more extreme productions. It tells the true story of war veteran Alvin Straight, who wants to make amends with his estranged brother before it’s too late. Unable to drive, he sets off on the 240-mile trip in the only way he can: on a lawn tractor. Critically acclaimed and featuring moving performances and picturesque scenery, it earned star Richard Farnsworth an Oscar nomination and also features Harry Dean Stanton and Sissy Spacek.

Tickets are on sale now at Ginger Whites, Serenade, Deri Stores and The Honeypot.

501days pictureBe sure to join us on 10th March for something different: a double bill. It starts with the short film 501 Days (no cert.) from Rhiwbina’s own Laurence Patrick, who made the set of a Mars-bound spaceship in his bedroom. It puts the audience alongside a couple as they attempt to become the first humans to reach the red planet. When they lose contact with everybody else on Earth, they have to decide how to reach their target alone. With almost every decision a matter of life or death and nobody able to help them, can they survive the isolation and complete their mission?

bellevilleRen01This will be followed by the lively and tune-filled animated film Belleville Rendezvous (cert. 12). Told almost entirely in song and action, the story follows grandmother Madame Souza as she teams up with her pet dog and three music hall singers to rescue her grandson from the French mafia. The charming combination of a fun plot and unique animation style was rewarded with two Oscar nominations.

nxnw001A month later you’ll have the rare opportunity to enjoy a classic, Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest (cert. PG), on the big screen. This legendary film thrusts mild-mannered executive Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) into a whirlwind involving mistaken identity, spies, deadly encounters, government secrets, and a mysterious woman (Eve Marie Saint). Regularly included in lists of the greatest films of all time, it is renowned for its terrific dialogue and fast-moving story, and the scene involving a crop-dusting plane has become a benchmark for on-screen chases. Don’t miss the action on 14th April.

As always, tickets for each film will be on sale at Ginger Whites, Serenade, Deri Stores and The Honeypot.

See you all soon at Monico Movies, your Rhiwbina Community Cinema.