These extraordinary times have upturned all our lives, everything we’ve taken for granted as normal and constant.

Monico Movies as Rhiwbina Community Cinema realise more than ever the importance of community.

We thought you might be interested to know that since our first show The Grand Budapest Hotel October 15th 2015 up until our most recent movie Death at a Funeral 8th February 2020 we have welcomed 3161 people to enjoy an evening of cinematic fun. In that time we have screened 46 films, we don’t have the figures for ice creams consumed, but safe to assume it’s in the 1000s.

Next Saturday we were due to show Red Joan (12A)

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Here is a list of the 4 films we’ve shown in April since 2016.

There is a link to clips under each picture and all are available to rent online, you can watch on your computer or on your TV if you have a Smart TV or a streaming device connected to your TV

My Old Lady

April 2016

available to rent from YouTube, Google Play


April 2017

available to rent from YouTube and currently available to watch on MUBI (subscription required, 3 months for £1 introductory offer)

North By Northwest

April 2018

available to rent from YouTube, Google Play


April 2019

available to rent from YouTube, Google Play