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Winter at Monico Movies

With the nights drawing in and temperatures falling, the time couldn’t be better for getting away from it all at the cinema. So you’ll be pleased to know that Monico Movies has something for everyone during the winter.

Now two years old, we’ve built up a reputation for showing films of all kinds, from animation and classics to the latest dramas and comedies, and the next few months are no exception.

On Saturday (11th November) we are pleased to be showing Belle (cert. 12), an unusual costume drama based on the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, the daughter of an enslaved African woman and a British naval officer. Directed by Bafta-winning Amma Asante, the film follows Dido as she is thrown into the world of London’s social “season” and the tense aftermath of a slave massacre. Rising star Gugu Mbatha-Raw won awards and widespread acclaim in the lead role, and she is joined by a cast of familiar faces including Tom Wilkinson, Miranda Richardson and Emily Watson.

As always, tickets are going fast, so be sure to buy yours now at Ginger Whites, Serenade, Deri Stores and The Honeypot.

In a complete change of pace, we’ll be bringing Christmas to Rhiwbina a little early with the terrific family comedy Nativity! (cert. U) on 9th December.


Featuring Martin Freeman as Paul Madden, a wannabe-star-turned-teacher, it follows the chaos that begins when he is teamed up with Mr Poppy (comic actor Marc Wootton), a unique teaching assistant, to produce a Nativity play. Mr Madden must create stars out of his mischievous young cast, win back his ex-girlfriend (Ashley Jensen) and rein in the over-enthusiastic Mr Poppy, all while going up against a local private school and its determined drama teacher. Along for the ride are Jason Watkins, Pam Ferris and Ricky Tomlinson, along with a hilarious cast of children.

Tickets will be on sale from Saturday, 11th November, at Ginger Whites, Serenade, Deri Stores and The Honeypot.

Once Christmas is out of the way, why not take a break from the January chill with a trip to India and Australia, thanks to the Oscar-nominated Lion (cert. PG) on 13th January.

This drama, which won two Bafta Awards and is one of the most successful Australian films of all time, follows young Indian boy Saroo as he is separated from his family and forced into an orphanage. His adventures take him to Australia, but as he grows up he cannot forget his family and decides to search for them, hoping to be reunited at last.

Besides award-winner Dev Patel, Lion features Nicole Kidman, David Wenham and Rooney Mara, and tickets for it will go on sale from 9th December at Ginger Whites, Serenade, Deri Stores and The Honeypot.

See you all soon at Monico Movies
your Rhiwbina Community Cinema.


Autumn Leaves

Yep, autumn is well and truly with us and when its cold and rainy outside that’s the perfect excuse to hunker down in front of a good movie.
But for us at Monico Movies anytime is a good time for a good movie and we’ve got some cracking movies on the way.
After the summer break we kicked off again on 9th September with the tense true story Captain Phillips. This was the first time for us to use our brand new screen that was part funded by The Big Lottery Fund.

It hardly seems possible but Monico Movies is almost two years old.  Our 2nd anniversary is on 14th October and we will be having a little gathering  before hand to celebrate. Amazingly, all the tickets for Very Annie Mary sold out within a couple of days of going on sale. Of course, we are delighted this has proved so popular, but we wish we could accommodate a bigger audience, as many of you have been disappointed not to get tickets this time.

Just a reminder, the tickets for the next Monico Movies film always go on sale on the same Saturday as a screening, so if you are looking forward to seeing our 11th November movie Belle, they will be available from Saturday 14th October from Ginger Whites, Serenade, Deri Stores and The Honeypot.

Belle (cert. 12) is based on the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, from the Bafta-winning director Amma Asante, this is one of the most unusual costume dramas to hit the big screen. The fabulous gowns, eligible young men and barely suppressed class anxieties of London’s social “season” are all present and correct. But other, rarely registered aspects of Jane Austen’s England are in the frame. The film centres on Dido’s relationship with an aspiring lawyer; it is set at a time of legal significance, as a court case is heard on what became known as the Zong massacre, when slaves were thrown overboard from a slave ship and the owner filed with his insurance company for the losses. Lord Mansfield rules on this case in England’s Court of King’s Bench in 1786, in a decision seen to contribute to the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act of 1807.

11th November

Tickets will be on sale from 14th October at Ginger Whites, Serenade, Deri Stores and The Honeypot.

See you all soon at  Monico Movies
your Rhiwbina Community Cinema.

Monico Movies at Rhiwbina Summer Festival 2017

The Artist (PG) 8th July

It’s summer festival time and although we didn’t get the headline slot at the Glastonbury festival this year, Monico Movies will, of course, be very proudly taking part in the Rhiwbina Summer Festival 2017  this Saturday 1st July from 11am.
Come and see us in the main hall at the Canolfan Beulah Church Community Centre, we will be showing a trailer for our next movie The Artist (PG) 8th July. Tickets will be available to buy from us at the stall, but don’t forget you can also purchase tickets from our friends at Serenade, Ginger Whites, The Deri Stores and The Honeypot.
The Artist sees Jean Dujardin play George Valentin, a silent movie star struggling to come to terms with the arrival of the talkies. Bérénice Bejo, is Peppy Miller, whose star is in the ascent as Valentin’s fades.artist-oscar-poster

The Artist made in 2011 is a multi-award winning film, Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director and many other awards at The Oscars, Cannes, The Golden Globes and Bafta.
The Artist also won Best Original Score, the grand, gorgeous orchestral music of The Artist, composed by Ludovic Bource, finds much of its precedent in the sumptuous film scores of the 1940s. It is a wonderful uplifting film that is a reminder of the great skill of the silent movie makers of the 1920s and 30s.

Buy your tickets from Serenade, Ginger Whites, The Deri Stores and The Honeypot.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon
From all the Monico Movies crew

Champions League Final!

The UEFA Champions League Final is in town and it is expected that 170 000 people will be visiting Cardiff.
So this Saturday you might find it just a little busy in Cardiff.
If you are a family with young children or grandchildren the place to be at 3pm on Saturday afternoon is Bethany Baptist Church, Heol Llanishen Fach.

sing-witherspoonMonico Movies presents the fabulously funny Sing (U) a great movie for all the family. Great for kids and adults alike.

Tickets are available from our ever helpful friends at

Ginger Whites
10 Beulah Road, Rhiwbina, Cardiff, CF14 6LX

Deri Stores
1 Wenallt Rd, Cardiff, CF14 6SA

The Honeypot Newsagent
93A Heol Llanishen Fach, Cardiff, CF14 6LB

13 Heol-Y-Deri, Cardiff CF14 6HA

Saturday 3rd June
Doors open at 2.30pm
kick-off at 3pm


See you there!

Special family matinee at Bethany Baptist Church, Heol Llanishen Fach

Saturday 3rd June 2017 at 3pm
Sing (U)

Tickets are on sale now for a special Monico Movies event. This June half term, a family matinee film Sing.
For the first time, we will be popping up in a new location, as we are screening the matinee in  Bethany Baptist Church, Heol Llanishen Fach.

sing-witherspoonSing is an animated musical comedy starring the voices of Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane, Scarlett Johansson, John C. Reilly, Taron Egerton, and Tori Kelly. The film is about a group of  animals that enter a singing competition, hosted by a koala hoping to save his theater.

So come and join us 3rd June – bring your friends and family and enjoy sharing a big screen experience in your local community.
Tickets are on sale in our usual outlets:

Ginger Whites
10 Beulah Road, Rhiwbina, Cardiff, CF14 6LX

Deri Stores
1 Wenallt Rd, Cardiff, CF14 6SA

The Honeypot Newsagent
93A Heol Llanishen Fach, Cardiff, CF14 6LB

13 Heol-Y-Deri, Cardiff CF14 6HA

eye-in-the-sky01Our next monthly feature film is the exciting thriller Eye in the Sky (15) 10th June

for more details click here- What’s On


Who else wants to see a great movie?

Start the Half term holiday with some Celtic magic!

Song of the Sea (PG)
Saturday 18th February 3pm doors open 2.30pm

Song of the Sea (PG)

If you have young ones or you just haven’t had a chance to come to one of our evening shows, this Saturday (18th Feb. 3pm) afternoon is your chance to join in the Monico Movies fun.

Song of the Sea (PG) Saturday 18th February 3pm doors open 2.30pm
Tickets are available now £4(each child gets a free ice cream) from
Ginger Whites, The Deri Stores and The Honeypot

“Every scene of Tomm Moore’s beautifully drawn, Oscar-nominated animation feels like a warm hug at bedtime.” 5/5
Robbie Collin, The Telegraph
“an enchanting and very moving “family film” 5/5
Mark Kermode, The Guardian

A free ice cream…

…for each child at Song of the Sea

Saturday 18th February 3pm

Oscar nominated Song of the Sea (PG), is a 2015 animation,
inspired by Celtic legend and rarely seen on the big screen.
The hand-drawn animation and rich colours create a beautiful film that is a welcome contrast to computer generated animations.

What really makes Song of the Sea such a winning and delightful film is its focus on the two siblings, the use of traditional music, and the stories within the story. Ben is the keeper of his mum’s stories (all of which are true, we learn), and Saoirse is the keeper of the song that will set the fairy spirits free from their imprisonment. 

A movie about the importance of sibling relationships, about accepting everything you feel (no matter how sad or scary), about literally and figuratively finding your voice, and about doing everything possible to protect the people you love.

Saturday 18th February 3pm

Doors open at 2.30pm
Canolfan Beulah Church Community Centre,
Beulah Road, Cardiff, CF14 6LX

£4, cash only please (includes a free ice-cream for children)
Get your tickets from our friends


10am – 4pm closed Sunday and Monday

10 Beulah Road, Rhiwbina, Cardiff, CF14 6LX


7am – 7.30pm closes on Sundays 1pm

1 Wenallt Rd, Cardiff, CF14 6SA
029 2062 0735


93A  Heol Llanishen Fach, Cardiff, CF14 6LB

029 2061 4572

What’s on in February?

Gobsmacking, astonishing, extraordinary, breathtaking

just some of the superlatives you may have heard during the course of an exceptional 2016 and you could be forgiven for thinking that sometimes “I think I’ll wake up and it will have all been a dream” ….
Well, no, it wasn’t a dream: Monico Movies really did win a Big Lottery Fund Award, and have a very shiny new cinema kit that will continue to bring neighbourhood cinema to Rhiwbina. Hurrah!
I know what you’re thinking; all those wonderful movies, short films, ice creams and laughter, can it get any better?

In a word, yes!

The Monico Movies crew are busying away preparing more movie going treats for the year ahead.

In the meantime, let’s look at the movies for February.
18th February is a special Monico Movies day as we have two screenings. A 3pm matinee, Song of the Sea (PG) and in the evening Casablanca (U).

song-of-the-sea-posterSong of the Sea (PG) is a film you may well not have heard of, released in 2014, it is an Oscar nominated animation from Irish film-maker Tom Moore.
It is a visual delight that will appeal to children and adults alike.
Up and down the coasts of Ireland and Scotland, stories were once commonly told in which beautiful, shape-shifting creatures – the selkies, or seal-people – would emerge from the sea and bring comfort to lonely souls. They would marry and raise children with their human partners. And all would be well until the day they were called home, and they would slip off as softly and unstoppably as a wave back down the shore. The stories are bereavement allegories.

Song of the Sea
begins on the evening Ben, the four-year-old son of a lighthouse keeper, is about to become a big brother. His beautiful mother kisses him goodnight, and as his eyes close she tells him he’ll be the best big brother any child could ever wish for. But in the morning, Ben’s mother has gone and his new baby sister, Saoirse, is all he and his father have to remember her by.

Six years later, Ben learns that his mother was a selkie, and that Saoirse has inherited her gift – a discovery that spirits brother and sister away into a world of faeries, elves, enchanted wells, a broken-hearted sea-giant and his own jealously protective mother, the owl-witch Macha.

The fantastical story is brought to life in swirling hand-drawn animation, inspired partly by Celtic folk art and partly by modernist painters such as Klee and Kandinsky, while, as in The Wizard of Oz, each fantasy element in the tale has a real-world equivalent. (Macha, for example, looks not unlike Ben’s well-meaning but surly grandmother.) That interplay of reality and magic makes it the most complex and subtle exploration of grief in a children’s film.

casablanca_01Casablanca (U) is of course one of the all time classic Hollywood movies. Starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. It has been said it is perhaps the perfect movie and after 75 years it is still regularly in many a film buffs top 10. Thanks to a new digital transfer, to mark the 70th anniversary, it also looks great on screen.

Humphrey Bogart plays the allegedly apolitical club owner in unoccupied French territory that is nevertheless crawling with Nazis; Ingrid Bergman is the lover who mysteriously deserted him in Paris; and Paul Heinreid is her heroic, slightly bewildered husband. Claude Rains, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre, and Conrad Veidt are among what may be the best supporting cast in the history of Hollywood films.

Saturday 18th February
3pm Song of the Sea (PG)
7.30pm Casablanca (U)

Tickets are £4, and selling fast…
cash only (including a free ice-cream for children at Song of the Sea) and are available from:


10am – 4pm

closed Sunday and Monday

10 Beulah Road, Rhiwbina, Cardiff, CF14 6LX


7am – 7.30pm

closes on Sundays 1pm

1 Wenallt Rd, Cardiff, CF14 6SA
029 2062 0735


93A  Heol Llanishen Fach, Cardiff, CF14 6LB

029 2061 4572




New Year New Movies


2017 beckons and so too does another programme of great films from Monico Movies.

Feel good comedy Pride, Bogart and Bergman in the all time classic Casablanca, the half term children’s matinee is the beautiful animation Song Of The Sea and the comic and touching true story Florence Foster Jenkins.

14th January: Pride (15)
18th February: Casablanca (U)
**18th February: Children’s matinee, Song Of The Sea (PG)
11th March: Florence Foster Jenkins (PG)

Pride. A true story, the film depicts a group of lesbian and gay activists who raised money to help families affected by the British miners’ strike in 1984.
The National Union of Mineworkers was reluctant to accept the support due to the union’s worries about being associated with the group, so the activists instead decided to take their donations directly to Onllwyn, a small mining village in Wales, resulting in an alliance between the two communities.
Casablanca. In World War II Casablanca, Rick Blaine, exiled American and former freedom fighter, runs the most popular nightspot in town. The cynical lone wolf Blaine comes into the possession of two valuable letters of transit. When Nazi Major Strasser arrives in Casablanca, the sycophantic police Captain Renault does what he can to please him, including detaining a Czechoslovak underground leader Victor Laszlo. Much to Rick’s surprise, Lazslo arrives with Ilsa, Rick’s one time love. Rick is very bitter towards Ilsa, who ran out on him in Paris, but when he learns she had good reason to, they plan to run off together again using the letters of transit. Well, that was their original plan….
Song Of The Sea. This superb Irish animation is a treat; an enchanting and very moving family film. The story is rooted in Irish folklore, with selkies, giants and faeries slipping in and out of a tale of a vanished mother, a grieving father, and two lost but resourceful children trying to make their way home. Ben and his little sister Saoirse, a girl who can turn into a seal, go on an adventure to free the faeries and save the spirit world.
Florence Foster Jenkins. Is the story of a New York heiress who dreamed of becoming an opera singer, despite having a terrible singing voice. She always wanted to be a concert pianist and play Carnegie Hall. An injury in her youth deterred that dream. So she sets out to sing her way to Carnegie Hall knowing the only way to get there would be “Practice Practice Practice”. Her husband supports her venture and the true story of Florence Foster Jenkins playing Carnegie Hall becomes a truly historic event.


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